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The 6ixCode Wiki is related to cyber security research and is not a site that promotes illegal hacking, cracking or software piracy. All examples and articles posted on this site relate to the ethical knowledge used in a professional manner.

The articles, tutorials and or demos provided on 6ixCode are for informational and educational purpose only, and for individuals that are curious to understand Ethical Hacking, Security and Penetration Testing methodologies.

Any time the word Hacking is used on this site it shall be regarded as Ethical Hacking. Please do not use the information posted on this site to violate the law. We accept no responsibility for your actions. Neither the owners, administration of this website, authors of any provided material, or any other entity affiliated in any way, will accept responsibility for your actions.

The misuse of any information provided in this website can result in criminal charges for illegal activity. The authors and 6ixCode will not be held responsible in any event of criminal activity or any charges brought against any individuals misusing the information provided forthwith.

This site contains research information that can be potentially damaging or dangerous. If you do not fully understand something on this site, then please use caution and refer to the laws in your country before accessing, using, or utilizing this information.

This information is for educational and research purposes only. We only believe and support ethical White Hat Hacking. We explicitly reserve the right to modify this disclaimer at any time without notice or prejudice.

Activities that are made criminal by cybersecurity laws include:

  • - Computer hacking
  • - Economic espionage
  • - Corporate espionage
  • - Identity theft
  • - Breaking into computer systems
  • - Accessing unauthorized data
  • - Modifying or deleting unauthorized data
  • - Stealing confidential information
  • - Unauthorized publication or use of communications
  • - Criminal infringement of copyright
  • - Spreading of fake news
  • - Sexual exploitation of children
  • - Defacing internet websites
  • Flooding websites with increased volumes of irrelevant internet traffic
  • Flooding traffic that makes sites unavailable to the actual users who are supposed to be viewing them

As stated we do not promote, condone or endorse illegal activity

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