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Note-taking apps are like Baskin Robbin's am I right? 31 flavors and everyone has a different one.

What do I personally use? Well for CTF's I use CherryTree and a template, and you can grab CherryTree from the creators site.

The template I use can be viewed or downloaded from GitHub.

What I like about it? As a hierarchical note-taking application, it's featuring rich with text and syntax highlighting, and you can store data in a single xml or sqlite file. It also has encrypted file storage out of the box, with password-protected files. Also, you can export to PDF, for easy sharing and or report generation.

So what's in my template?

  1. Enumeration
  2. Exploitation
  3. Post Exploitation
  4. Priv Escalation
  5. Goodies
  6. Software versions
  7. Methodology
  8. Log book

Originally I found the template from this fellow hacker OSCP Templates, I just modified it for Hackthebox. They also have a lot of great information around the OSCP, recommend to check out their site as well.

What do you use? Jump in our Discord and let us know!