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Smart Contract Hacking


Recently I was asked for resources surrounding cryptocurrency, the blockchain and the smart contract space, and how to begin and how to hack it. The following is a short list of free resources, for you to quickly get up to speed with this exciting technology.

How do we test smart contracts?

A review process for ethereum smart contracts Auditing Smart Contracts

Mastering Ethereum Book

Learn to code Blockchain DApps by building simple games Crypto zombies

Solidity by example Solidity

Solidity programming Solidity lang

Community guides and resources Learn Ethereum

The Ethernaut is a Web3/Solidity based war-game inspired on overthewire Ethernaut

Video on learning how to audit Ethereum Smart Contracts Learn How to Audit Ethereum Smart Contracts

Getting Started in Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Auditing BHIS | Getting Started in ...

How to Audit an NFT Project Smart Contracts 101 ...

Dive into the advanced auditing tools used in the smart contract space Advanced Smart Contract Security and Auditing Tools

Explore the fundamentals of security and auditing in the smart contract space Smart Contract Security and Auditing 101

An interactive session focused on smart contract security How To Find Solidity Vulnerabilities

Learn about the DAO hack of Ethereum and spent a little time experimenting with the Solidity language Advanced Smart Contract Hacking

Attack methodology

Abraham Kang, Sr. Director Software, Samsung An Overview of Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Security Vulnerabilities

SWC Registry

Smart Contract Weakness Classification and Test Cases Smart Contract Weakness ...

The offensive security playground for decentralized finances Damn Vulnerable DeFi

The Ethernaut is a Web3/Solidity based wargame inspired on overthewire Ethernaut


Smart contract auditor road maps Auditors road map

Additional resources

A curated list of awesome Ethereum security references, guidance, tools, and more Awesome Ethereum Security

As a disclaimer please do your own research, and none of the content provided is in any way financial advice.